Report: Obama considering new options for closing Guantanamo


So – wait – he wants to close Guantanamo and bring Guantanamo into the CONUS?

What else would they do with the prisoners?

He’s five years late. And if Bush could create the illegal prison with executive power and illegally hold prisoners there, Obama could have closed the prison using executive power and handed the prisons to the court systems for fair trials (or if fair trials were impossible because the only evidence had been obtained illegally by torture, he could have freed them.)


Return control of Guantanamo to Cuba and close the base. End the basis for the government to argue the constitution doesn’t apply to its activities not “in” the US. The Constitution limits the government wherever, not just on “US” owned soil.

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but where are they going to put the Ebola patients if they close it down…

Set the Army Corp of Engineers on it - cut out the base and make it a free floating island.

Never happen. Don’t you see? Guantanamo is a key stepping stone in Obama’s plan to kill us all with Ebola. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

The US should have closed Guantanamo long ago. It’s an affront to justice. It’s also unbelievably expensive. $500M a year? You should be able to bribe those alleged jihadists to give it up for that kind of cash.

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When we said, “Guantanamo should be closed”, I believe we meant that the human-rights-defying incarceration of people without probable cause or proper trials and also without the basic rights granted to POWs should cease.

I couldn’t care less about where that colossal human rights abuse happens.

As for whether American courts can do something to fix things on the mainland that they can’t do if the camp remains in Guantanamo, I trust them about as far as I can throw a stone tablet with the ten commandments written on it.

The only just way the whole Gitmo affair can end is a day in court for everyone. By which I mean everyone who was ever in the chain of command from Bush and Obama down to every last prison guard. I know it’s not going to happen. But anything else means someone is getting away with a serious crime.


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