Obama urges Senate to preserve NSA's illegal, useless phone record program

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His motivations are transparent, but this wasn’t the sort of transparent government he was elected for.



Just No.


No one wants to be president when or if there’s another attack. No legislator wants to be the one who voted against “protecting Americans” when or if there’s another attack. We all know the failures of 911 had nothing to do with a lack of a domestic surveillance program. We all know that the underwear bomber’s father actually sought out intelligence officials and warned them about his son–yet the intelligence community couldn’t manage to keep that guy off a US-bound plane. These things happen and no one gets fired. It’s mind boggling.

Add to that the obscene amount of money being passed to private contractors and the burgeoning ability to control people and you get elected officials who couldn’t care less about the Constitution.


No. …

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He’s obviously using reverse psychology -
If he endorses it, Republicans will have to vote against it!

I find myself hoping you are right. Sadly, I don’t think the GOP has any psychology to exploit, because the party leadership have all completely lost their minds.

Not much conversation in Obama threads these days…

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are you kidding me?!? did you see what happened to GWB when we were attacked? His approval went through the roof.


Reverse Psychology. It’s the best way to deal with a bunch of conservatwits.

There are probably enough Republicans in the Senate who oppose this program that if Obama opposed it too, and got the Democrats in the Senate on board, it would be dead.

Generally though, Republicans (with a few commendable examples) completely support the national security state at all times, and Democrats completely support it when “their guy” is in the White House.

So only if we get a Democratic Congress and a Republican President is any improvement possible.


Bad parenting.

Read this morning that the City of Baltimore has put the cost of the riots at ~$20M, which is nothing to sneeze at. And as the right-wingers come out to decry that HUUUUGGGGEEE amount of money, I like to remind them of the $600B+++ spent on defense that we know about. The dark budgets for CIA and NSA and the rest of the state security apparatus? Who the hell knows.

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