Obama was "raised white", says Ben Carson


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Great job there Carson. Let’s jump back not even 50 years and see the suffering some minorities encountered for not being black enough, or asian enough, or what have you. Obama isn’t black enough for you? Get bent. You’re not the King Of All Black People and decide what is the authentic black experience.

This kind of thinking really grinds my gears.


We want someone who thinks Indonesia is white to be in charge of foreign policy?


The man is grasping at straws, trying to maintain some sense of relevance in the race. Who in their right mind would think this, much less say it out loud for the whole world to hear?


We sure as hell do not.


Well that’s probably true. But then it turns out Carson didn’t grow up the way Carson grew up either, considering he probably didn’t stab anyone any more than Obama did.


Because it’s been working for Donald Trump.


Indonesians are white now?


Who in their right mind takes behavioral cues from Trump?

I know, I know, ask a stupid question…



Ok, so when O was elected (not once but TWICE) we had to hear he isn’t really an American and the birthers wouldn’t shut the eff up. Hawaii graciously pulled out the original birth certificate and ended that debate.

So now we have to hear that he isn’t “Black enough”. Really?!

I seriously need my people to come pick me up and take me back to my home planet…because I refuse to believe I am the same species as this fucktards.


Well… I kind of agree with him on this, actually. Not in any sense of Obama not being black enough, but he is right that his personal experience growing up really wasn’t identical to the experience of African Americans of the same generation.

I would in addition posit that this is in part what made Obama acceptable to the general electorate. He doesn’t display many of the traits stereotypically considered “black” in his speech, gestures or mannerisms. Had that been the case, he likely never would have become president because these traits also (unfortunately) automatically read as uncultured and lowbrow to the average voter. I understand the statement more as a condemnation of latent American racism than an attack on Obama as a person (although that’s probably not where Carson is coming from).


Gosh, Carson’s such a badass! I sure hope he gets elected and brings his rough-and-tumble street smarts to the White House. And I hope he renames it the Black House, that’d be the bomb.


I remember some people talking about this when Obama was running, talking about the experience of growing up black in America that Obama didn’t really have. And I agree if he made white America think of black America a little more then that might have cost him in the election. I’m sure there are many black Americans don’t really see themselves in Obama. But coming from Carson, at this point in the election, this just comes across as utterly bizarre.

If he were running for president against Obama right now, I could make a little more sense of it. Given some of Carson’s previous statements, I have to consider the possibility that he thinks he is currently running for president against Obama.


Yea, I don’t get those fskrs either - why they aren’t up in arms over Cruz who wasn’t born in the US, unlike Obama, and who got his citizenship exactly the same way Obama would have IF he had actually been born in Kenya… WTF?!

Yea, it’s not about where you were born is it… fskrs.



Mostly ended that debate…


There’s so much going on here that I literally spent 10 minutes or more trying to figure out how to compile all the snark into a single post. I think it’s impossible; he’s gone full Timecube.


I suppose he could have had the added handicap of being raised in a kitchen or binder. :unamused: