Obama will speak with Putin Friday; White House says Snowden "not a dissident"

Perhaps it’s one of those deals where a lie spoken often enough starts to become accepted as a truth. If all the advice you receive comes from the various military and intelligence organizations and they’re all saying the exact same thing, maybe it skews his perception of what’s acceptable.

Doesn’t say much about the resilience of the dude’s convictions but he is nothing more than the capstone on an enormous machine, maybe it takes a lot more than the title of president to change the machine’s direction.

Obama is acting like a tyrant.

Dammit, there was a time not too long ago when that was only tea-bagger-speak. How times have changed.

On the positive side, Obama is becoming a “uniter”. Where all sides of the political spectrum in the USA are starting to hate him on the same issues.


I am a human and I believe Snowden is actively looking out for my rights; therefore, he is a human rights activist. Obama, please take your horrific bait and switch sideshow elsewhere.


Ok, you just have me a chuckle. A sad chuckle and a sigh…

Or, ‘narcissist’ - that’s pretty popular with plastic lawn salesmen.
Do a quick search using the name of your favourite modern dissident and that word.

A quick search shows a lot of people trying to disparage heros who take a stand, but fuck them.

Wait, I thought he was a Crimethinker, no wait, Thoughtcrimer?


I wouldn’t doubt that shortly after he took office that some gentlemen from the establishment paid him a visit and showed him all the horrible, untraceable things they can do to him, his family and his friends if he doesn’t play ball. There’s also the brainwashing to consider:

That would explain what happened to Al Franken who was directly targeted by Army psy-ops as exposed in that article above. Unfortunately, the brave American journalist, Michael Hastings, who wrote that article is dead now, so don’t expect a follow-up to that article from him or anyone else in the Land of the Free, Inc.


You might have misunderstood that article. “Brainwashing” is a fiction, and exists nowhere but The Manchurian Candidate. Psychological operations, successful ones at least, often take the form of a very well-crafted sales pitch.

It’s still pretty creepy to have the “civilian-controlled” military doing this to their putative bosses, but it’s hardly brainwashing.

Keep in mind that another expression for brainwashing is “coercive persuasion”.

The military’s own documents say that psy-ops are for “disrupting, confusing, and protracting the adversary’s decision-making process and undermining command and control”.

You may call all that a “very well-crafted sales pitch”, but I’ll keep calling it brainwashing.

You should check out what Michael Hastings (who wrote the article) said about his article in this interview:

Here’s some quotes: (emphasis mine)

" … Sure. Psychological operations and information operations are essentially just ways to influence the population. Now, the key is, is that for IO and psy-ops you’re only supposed to do those on foreign populations, on the enemy. Now, there’s another branch, public affairs, which is — which you’re allowed to then use your information on the American population. The key difference is, is that in information operations and in psy-ops you’re allowed to lie, you’re allowed to mislead … "

" … And by spinning, manipulating and using whatever resources you have to convince the policymakers in Washington, be it Admiral Mullen or Al Franken, that’s where you want to devote your resources to. And that, to me, again, is very troubling. … "

And, once again… take a look at Al Franken’s “switcheroo” after being specifically targeted by psy-ops:


Why does it even matter at this point? He is already serving his second term, it’s not like he is going for number three.

I loved that comment so much that I am going to use it in my email to the Whitehouse. Thanks.

why the fuck didnt he just get those SA nations to fly over to the airport, give him a new passport, and GTFO ?

the longer he stays in that spot the less are his odds of ever seeing his goddamn family again. you’d think that would be his priority at this point.

the damage is done. i’m sure he has more damaging caches given to other people to deliver since he was most likely going to be arrested. GET BACK TO YOUR FAMILY DUKES YOUR WIFE MUST BE PISSED

I spent most of my life living under mutual assured destruction - the end result of the cold war turning into a hot war between the US and the USSR. We won the war against the USSR, We were told that the war was over freedom. Sadly the victors in that war without anyone to contrast themselves with have unilaterally decided that we don’t need freedom anymore. The thing that I spent most of my live believing that we were fighting against is actually what we have become. Its very sad. Enjoy your universal gulag folks.

Pussy Riot aren’t in prison because they’re women, they’re in prison cause they’re making Putin look bad.

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