Obama working on deal with Netflix for TV series that he would produce with Michelle


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/09/obama-working-on-deal-with-net.html


Obama getting a TV show? That’s going to drive Trump nuts.


Well, he’ll just say that he did it before Obama.


Narrator’s voice: He’s already nuts.


I don’t follow.


Called “The Apprentice?”



Maybe at the end of each episode, the Obamas get to sit in a board room and fire people (from the presidency).


“The West Wing”


Thanks Obama: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ Net Worth Soars $400 Million In One Week Forbes

Move over Underwoods. Netflix may have a new president and first lady: Barack and Michelle Obama. The former first couple have reportedly reached advanced negotiations with Netflix to produce a series of exclusive shows highlighting inspirational stories and policy matters.

The discussions are yet another piece of good news for Netflix, whose stock is trading at an all-time high. This week alone, its share price has shot up nearly 10%. That surge has made cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings nearly $400 million richer than he was last week. He’s up approximately $800 million in the past month, and is now worth an estimated $3.5 billion, according to Forbes’ real-time rankings of the world’s billionaires.


Sounds really bland. I expect little more from it then gentle, supposedly inspiring nostrums.

But hey, kaching! Barack and Michelle get even more rich. Yay, I guess.


Are you kidding? I’m ready for some bland. Maybe some sane humanity too.


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