Obama's legacy: eight years of not holding executives criminally responsible for their companies' misdeeds

Just think how many criminals (corporate and otherwise) could potentially be prosecuted by inditing the President Elect’s cabinet.


Yes, but they’re being prosecuted for fraudulent engineering, not fraudulent financing.

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This kind of thinking is maddening. Why do you suppose so many people stayed home rather than vote Democrat? The Democrat party is a party for plutocracy. Obama refused to appoint anyone who would observe the rule of law regarding white collar crime. [quote=“mls14cim, post:2, topic:92745”]
If you think Jeff Sessions will start locking up CEOs, then perhaps you also believe Mexico is gonna buy Trump a wall.

Yes, exactly, the Trump administration will likely be horrible, but your thinking allows any Democrat, as long as they are not Trump or a Republican to enact class warfare freely.

It’s upside-down land.

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I’m not a big fan of using plea deals and having a plethora of unindicted co-conspirators. It creates an environment where the DOJ has everyone in their pocket and if you dare communicate with anyone who is trying to defend themselves, you are threatened with indictment.


VW is worse than a bank, given their control over markets and relentless shittiness of product, combined with the Eurotrash aristocracy of their ownership.

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It’s called Siberia in September.


An interesting piece on Obama’s legacy; Jamelle’s been bang on target since election day.


But those were great parts of Obama’s time in office

Fixed that for you.


I don’t mean to be demeaning, but the wall, it’s in your mind. It’s us vs. us and not us vs. them. please mind your terms.

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How many time zones?

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It isn’t disingenuous. Just because they do it too are are probably going to do it worse, doesn’t excuse the current admin’s actions.

That is like saying Hitler doesn’t deserve criticism because Stalin killed nearly twice as many people.

It also helps break out of political tribalism. Neither party has a great record of doing what is best for its citizens lately. Sure one more be arguably worse, but the other is still “bad”.


Time zones are not a great measure, being artificial constructs that vary quite a bit. Russia is approximately 1.8 times the size of the US.

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We got so much power now, that’s ridiculous.

Officially, China has only one time zone. For what is getting close to 1.4 BILLION people. Time zones aren’t a good measuring stick.


I once worked in an office that had clocks up from multiple time zones. It always amused me that they had one for UTC-5, and another for UTC+7 (not entirely sure why, Vietnam?), and nobody ever seemed to twig that they showed the same time.


They didn’t show the same time at all.

One was twelve hours ahead of the other!


That may well be…However, while the Obama administration may go after other corporations, they DON’T go after people in the financial “industry.”

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Yep. Not only are VW not a bank, they are also German. Have a look at the table of offenders…

One of the Fiats I know to be just a whisker short of 20x the emission limit. The VWs by comparison are pretty clean.

The problem lay with the tests. The tests were rather simple fast-slow-fast driving patterns on a rolling road. This meant you could either optimise your car for the test or for real driving. If you wanted to be really bent, you could get your car’s computer to recognise the tests. There are new tests that are more stop-go-gogogo-aah-can’t-make-it-stopstopstop-creep-creep-vroom.

The silly thing is all the US car makers are doing the same thing. You don’t see them getting any heat.