Obama's top Trans-Pacific Partnership officials were given millions by banks before taking the job




Sadly, this is standard operating procedure.


so, that's pinhead's origin story...


Of course, I'm sure the reasoning goes: "It's not a bribe, it's a bonus!"


Let's go back to the good old 40's and 50's when America was prosperous, jobs plentiful, and minimum wage would support a family of 3. In other words, let's tax anyone earning over $2.3 mil ($200K in 1950's dollars adjusted to today's dollars) a year at 91% instead of the 39.6% we currently tax them.

Or, if that's too much, how about the good old Reagan era of greed and conspicuous consumption and tax them at 70%?


Wait a minute, just wait a moment, I'm going to write this down... Your telling me that government officials are corrupt? This is news...


Americans must love corruption, because they continue to vote for the politicians who provide it. The simple answer here is don't vote for one of the parties that's already established as being corrupt. I call that "wasting your vote". However, most of you will continue to vote that way, anyway, and say I'm "wasting my vote" for voting for change. You get what you vote for, so if you voted either Republican or Democratic last time, quit whining.


Is this a government corruption story, or a bank executive story? It sounds like the Obama administration hired these people, and they all had "resignation bonuses" from the banks they worked at.

It sounds like a pretty stupid bonus, but I don't know how much influence the government has over removing these contract terms in private (or publicly owned) corporations.


The government can't remove the contract terms, but they can specify that anybody who has benefited / will benefit from such a contract is automatically disqualified from the positions the seek. Don't see why you'd say they are a stupid bonus; from the perspective of those paying them, they are very effective bribes investments.


There's no law requiring the government to hire these corrupt industry arseholes.


Why can't it be both? The implication is certainly that these bank executives become corrupt government officials, since the have been bribed given excellent bonuses specifically because they left their jobs to work for the government.


like many multinational corporations, when america doesn't play ball they go over congresses head and draft a "trade agreement" and use that to push it through congress. same thing happened with the DMCA. least it highlights where the real power is.


You know, this sort of article could well serve as a rare bipartisan rallying cry: No corruption!! How interesting would it be to see two prominent citizens, each one a recognizable, influential person from each party, standing shoulder to shoulder in front of the mic at a press conference, and denouncing the parties in question by name, one after the other. I wonder...


Why would they need a treaty to promote free trade? Why not just let goods in?


The simple answer here is don't vote for one of the parties that's already established as being corrupt.

Sounds great. Who do you suggest we vote for that has a viable chance of beating Republicans?


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