Obituary to Haider

Continuing the discussion from Italy's referendum: a vote against neoliberalism and authoritarianism:

There’s a poem by Thomas Gsella, “Hinschied eines Lauteren”
translation by me

Passing of an honorable Man
On the death of Jörg “Jörgi” Haider

Whether he was napping or
drinking a “Little Coward” liquor and wanking
when he was aiming for the roadside ditch, a fence
and a solid pillar

anyways, he was putting the pedal to the medal
and lost fine control
over the Phaeton ™, with only him inside
but even one was one too many.

Seventy he was allowed to drive at max
because of police
they told us how fast he went:
one hundred forty and two.

And so he crashed into the pillar,
and so he rose, like on wings,
more and more steeply,
up into the air, and then he came down.

And then he was taken from us
like he lived: loud and fast.
Has god father taken him in,
this new William Tell?

What would he have been yelling,
up there in the air, his death in plain view?
“No Poles are any good!
The Jews are crooks, too!”

“Fuck those parasitic asylum seekers!
And the Führer was correct!
All immigrants are strange to us!
Whoops, I’m landing. Do I feel sick”

Or, did he become human, too,
in his last quiver, good and soft
"Alas, all are equal
as in life, so in death"?

That would be worthy of last honors.
But for that, this cunt was
too haywire in life
and too wasted - in the end.


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