Objets trouvés d'Internet


This is a thread for those found items on the internet. @Melizmatic




Maybe this belongs in the “misandry” category?



Finnish army surplus for great prices, and only $10 shipping to the US (59 SEK to Sweden)

I seriously stumbled across the site while browsing imgur. They have a WWII French trench coat for $8 USD. Thought it was cool.




Ooooh, those Norwegian M77s are some fucking nice boots. Pricey though. I might get a pair for when my old style British assault boots wear out (though they may be in storage a while. Army boots are Best boots).
ETA: that U-Boat Jacket. Swoon. I need one.


Yeah, I like it. That’s a fair price for a saunatent.



That place is facinating.

You can even play the nazi card! They sell these!



Found Randomly on the Net:



Is that @beschizza’s work?


No but I wish I had! I wonder what the source is? I must blog it.


Wish I could say, but it was merely a lucky random thing…


This appears to be the original.


What is this, extortion? “Do you know what your kid sees on the Internet? It’s this. Keep them off the Internet and I’ll stop putting scary shit on it!”


Given @beschizza’s prior, well, art:

“This is your child on Trump.”


Just look at it.