Revamped Goggle Jacket recreates Italian endurance-race fashion


Oops, misread the headline and thought this was the follow up to Google Glass.


So where would one go for retro future clothes on a reasonable budget?

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Wherever you keep your sewing machine. Or a sweat shop in Bangladesh.

If Aladdin serenaded me with a song about a magical world that’s inaccessible to me, he would be singing about things posted and reviewed on Boing Boing.

I would push that lying bastard off the magic carpet, cuz even the genie couldn’t afford this stuff.

i read the title like 3 times and each time i read “google jacket” then i seen the goggles and thought "could they be saying “goggle jacket” looked again and sure enough…

@timquinn & @tuseroni - I guess EVERYONE read it as G00gle first. They’ve burrowed pretty deep in the collective mind already, haven’t they…

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They all look fantastic except for the “revamped” ones on sale now. The nice one pictured doesn’t appear to be available. Is this some kind of bait and switch? At $666.40 it looks like a cheap rip off. I’ve seen better fitting potato sacks!

Think of it this way. What you think you look like vs. what you really look like.

I may however get a goggle beanie for ÂŁ95.00.

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