Did you ever want to play questions?

Nede a price fer thet obo.


Flute Cop


I’d buy that for a dollar!


That is clearly a recorder. You are in violation of Section Two Subitem A60 Line 4, Misidentifying a Child’s Toy. Stop resisting.


Is not a recorder a fipple flute? Surely some sub-sub section recognizes that.


The ruling of the standards committee is final. History and expertise are irrelevant.


You think a recorder is a child’s toy?


Move along, citizen.


Ha, you have no idea :). Arthur Benade is literally (as in I checked this morning, as I do) my bedstand reading material.http://asa.aip.org/encomia/gold/benade.html


Heh, a recorder is a fipple flute, but an oboe is not (just basing this on the title of the article) :smiley:


A one-cyborg band as well as a one-cyborg police force!

“Play in tune, citizen!”


A modern oboe is far too up-to-date for me: I prefer to be repressed by more old-school policing methods. Therefore, I hope the historically-informed Theorbocop will resonate with some here.



Holy English horn, I would love to get into an ancient instrument, pop culture Photoshop mash up war with you.

Does next Tuesday work?

An ancient instrument, pop culture Photoshop mash up war

He’s a cyborg, you idiot! He recorded every word you said, his memories are admissible as evidence!



Don’t do that


F Bass and lower, definitely not. I played the bass recorder for many years - the hand stretch isn’t negligible.

But pace Andy, it’s a big flippin’ fipple flute. :stuck_out_tongue:


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