Obscure official sues producers of obscure movie over depiction of him as "dismissive, patronising and misogynistic"

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/02/29/little-known-official-sues-producers-of-little-seen-movie-he-hopes-no-one-sees-how-he-is-depicted-in.html


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Is Richard Taylor from the University of Leicester dismissive, patronising and misogynistic? Hey, I’m just asking questions! But we sure should look further into this.


The Lost King, a movie I just heard about, is available to stream now on Hulu and AMC+ (rentals available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Google/Youtube, and probably Blockbuster if you live near Bend):


I’m not sure, but I think that Bruce Fummey makes an appearance in that…



I bet he’s great as Uncle GG in The Wedding, which I also just heard about! I look forward to seeing him in The Lost King, though, as soon as Roku confirms my free AMC+ trial. Which is something that I just remembered was available to me and I’m going through the hassle of setting up, all thanks to Mr. Richard Taylor.

Hopefully, I’ll also catch up on some The Walking Dead and see if the “new” Interview with the Vampire adaptation was any good. But that’s all secondary.


In other news, Richard III is suing Shakespeare for making him look like an asshole. /s


Given the BBC’s recent pro-government bias, why do I suspect this has more to do with the fact that Steve Coogan is hugely against the Tories than the actual story itself…?


Richard Taylor forgot that important lesson from the history of the War of the Roses:

Don’t drink the whine!


Dont think it was that obscure, prity sure i have seen the film, the documentary its about and podcast hosted by Richard herring where he talks to voice over guy, about how they where filming a documentary for channel 4 about the dig, but it with cheap camera people and crew, because they did not think they would find him, and then when they found him, they sacked every one and brought in a proper documentary film maker…

But I also live in the uk, so these things are just more available for me…


Wow, it looks wonderful. Where did you hear about it? :wink:


It might be an obscure film in the US but It isn’t an obscire film in Leicester ehere this man actually lives which is the context that acrually matters. This is not an example of the Streisand effect.


People love a stuck up academic story. That the film chose to demonise the actual academic department that worked with her rather than didn’t and the fact that I remember the unveiling of the discovery and how it was presented makes me wish him the best.

Dickhead film makers are dickheads and used their power without any concern for its impact on others.

There is a reason Steve Coogan is extraordinarily good at playing dickheads. One that goes beyond him being a good actor.


Your memory doesn’t chime with Philippa Langley’s though

She said she had felt marginalised and was particularly disappointed not to feature more prominently at a press conference, where news that the remains were indeed Richard’s was confirmed.

She said: "I was thirteenth in a list of 13 people. That was really hard.

"I have had to fight to get my story told and the film does this.

“The film is my story. Everything you see on screen is documented and supported by original materials and eyewitness testimony.”


Umm, this looks like something I might actually enjoy.


The filmmakers freely admit that they conflated several people and their actions. Apparently this is just a thing you have to do when making a film. So it isn’t just her story being told, it’s other people’s, and their stories aren’t necessarily being told truthfully. Obviously the filmmakers don’t care, but it has an outsize effect on ordinary people to be fictionalised like that.


Oh, interesting, never heard that… what level are we talking here - Van Morrison? Maybe Russell Crowe? Perhaps even James Corden??? :slight_smile:

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Thankfully I haven’t done anything of note to ever be depicted in a film, flattering or no. Call me blessed.


You may be correct, everything I have read or seen of Philippa Langley indicates that she continues to believe she was poorly treated by several academics. But maybe she is better at projecting her side than the university staff.

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That makes sense. Midnight in the Garden of Good snd Evil isn’t exactly one of Clint Eastwood’s best-known films but it was still a huge deal in Savannah when I was living there in the mid-aughts, as was the John Berendt book it was based on. So any real-life residents who featured in the story doubtlessly had their lives changed forever by how they were depicted.