Obsession: A lot of trees died for OK Go's new music video

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The paper is one thing. They must have spent over ten million dollars on ink if they bought it at my local office supply shop.


I saw the band on their recent tour, they used two confetti cannons to spray paper all over the audience throughout the show. They reassured us that the paper was recycled, as if that made everything better.

It’s still a celebration of disposable culture, even if the paper gets recycled. Just slapping that claim on something, doesn’t automatically make it benign.




I’m more upset about the money going to greenpeace than about the paper, to be honest.


The Nazca Lines ain’t going to vandalize themselves, friend.


I’m not following you’re reasoning. If the paper is recycled, it’s specifically not celebrating, or even promoting, disposability. Because the paper gets turned into more paper, and nothing gets disposed.


My laser printer is about 5 times slower than those printers. Is this some alien technology they have?


I suspect pre-printed, so the machine only has to eject a ‘blank’ page.


That video was cool and MAD.

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AW come on ! Do it on stage every night in the Greatest Nation the World has Ever Known! (where?)

Not bad.
Now, scale it up a bit…


not to mention all the young innocents they must have sacrificed to the elder gods in order to get 567 printers to actually function consistently for 3+ minutes in a row…


…other than the energy needed to collect and transport the paper to the recycling plant, the energy needed to operate the plant, the fraction of recyclables that get mis-sorted or are thrown out because of contamination, the materials needed to re-package the recycled goods, the energy needed to transport the recycled goods back through the supply chain, and the wear and tear on all equipment involved in transport, recycling and re-stocking. Oh and the large percentage of waste collected for recycling that ends up in landfill anyway because there’s too little demand for recycled materials.

There’s a reason why the consumer industry endorses recycling: it allows consumption of goods to keep growing, while distracting us from thinking about genuine solutions to sustainability.

BTW Did you know paper can only be recycled about 6 times before it becomes useless?


I agree. Even with a fast printer they’re still waiting far too long between frames if they’re actually printing each page. You can even see a few times where a printer gets behind and then is a couple seconds behind the image around it until (I’m guessing) they move onto a new pack of paper for the next sequence.

It looks like they’ve timed the music to allow for the lag, and selectively undercranked the camera so it still syncs.

Many of their videos use some kind of time compression, this one is maybe more complex than the others.


It’s called stop-motion. How to do cartoons and stuff.
It takes forever and is a huge pain for actual humans to do, so kudos to their stamina


Disclaimer: I’m old!

As this viddie was making the rounds Wednesday, I was amazed at the outcry over “wasting” a few thousand sheets of paper. Really? Who are these innocents? (On my feeds, most of the gripes were coming from Millennials, so yeah.)

Obvious rejoinder: why is no one focusing on the printers?! What happens to them (and their eco footprint)?

C’mon, paper? Last year, one of the print shops I support got a gig printing data sheets for (ominous theramin warble) a lumber processing company. 200,000 fan-folded Letter-size sheets per month for six months. How many of those were ever read?

Just guessing, but I’d wager $20 that just printing the daily script sides for Thor: Ragnorak chewed up more paper than this silly video. Or the Notre Dame alumni newsletter. Or the memo sent to all Speedway gas stations about maintaining the new card readers on the pumps (essentially, “no change from the old ones”). Or toilet paper – did you use one too many squares?

In the words of Saruman, come back when you are sober. FFS!


I dunno, I felt the song needed more cowbell.


I suspect that our savannah ape brains can’t easily comprehend abstract examples like the ones you give.

It’s similar to our inability to accurately assess abstract threats, i.e. we freak out about terrorism but don’t buckle our seat belts while driving.

A dramatic, colorful one-time use of paper is easy for us to visualize, and whinge about. Comprehending the amount of paper that humanity collectively — or individually — eats up is too much work.