Ocelot of bouncing around


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Q: How do you titillate an ocelot?
A: Oscillate* its titalot.

*Or osculate, even better.


Okay, now I have a better understanding of why cats continually test gravity (by knocking things off counters).

It’s clear from this video that gravity has only intermittent affect on cats.

I thought it was only a baby goat thing, but I was wrong.


Stupid ball isn’t even TRYING to escape!




“Your stripes could all fade in the poisonous day
When you see the sunlight move out of the way“


A margay out on a limb here and post this video of another agile little wildcat:


They’re the ones with swiveling back feet right?


@xeni that pun was truly a Wonderful Thing :grin:


That’s not an ocelot.

It’s a serval


That better explains the leaping.


lmfao i love the smaller version of the scene that slides across at ~1:36 to defeat the copyright filters


Welcome to BB. We need more people able to ID life forms of all kind, so I am very glad you signed up to serv’all with that info!


Thanks!!! Link below also worth it for the infectious percussion soundtrack…

… and may I introduce the US’s first popular introduction to ocelots.Super-cute… and so was Anne Francis:


Yes; kind of like casters, maybe?:
The margay is nocturnal. It is a very good climber and jumper. It has joints in its ankles that rotate 180 degrees. This helps it climb down vertical trees headfirst. It is the only cat in North America that can do that! It can also hang from tree limbs by one hind foot.

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