Octopi are not from space, but disappointment is real


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For Christ’s sake, just man up and say it’s not true already. This incessant bet-hedging is beneath you.

Now that whole aliens/pyramids thing. . . .there’s some hokum I can get behind!


Okay, there’s the science, but this ‘pushback’ will only further energize conspiracy theorists.



Is it just me, are we being groomed to believe that Kang and Kodos aren’t really so bad?


Honestly, I see this much, much more as “maintaining (at least in public) a professional attitude” than “bet-hedging”. For all I know, between Mölling and the like-minded, the conclusion could have been that “those panspermia hypothesis imbeciles are whacked”.


They just want to make earth great again.


But already I told my mom that octopi are from outer space! Now what am I going to tell her?!


You have to vote for one of them.




i reject your reality and substitute my own!


Compared to the shit gibbon we currently have? I would believe it.


Chibi Cthulhu! Ia, ia!!


Correct plural = Octopump.


Hidden in the small print of the Squiddly paper was the suggestion that fruit-flies evolved to live and travel in the hard vacuum of interstellar space, and therefore have eyes resistant to UV.


‘Octopi’ is a wrong attempt at applying Latin. But then, it is used enough now to make it acceptable in English. [do I have that right?]


I didn’t even bother reading the first article because it seemed exactly like what this article implies. Poorly considered theories that evaporate when exposed to light. Meant to be in and back out of the public consciousness within a single news cycle (which is, what, 3 hours now?) only to occasionally be brought up by the obnoxious blowhard at a dinner party who didn’t bother to read further than the headline. Which, to be fair, is just what I did, so…


This makes me sad. Now I hope they are not Commies!


Here’s proof !