Octopi are not from space, but disappointment is real

Another explanation, they propose, could be that an extraterrestrial virus infected a population of early squid, causing them to evolve rapidly into octopuses as we know them today.

Why not just say that an atomic space ray leveled their energy up to the seventh dimension?


Not from space eh - you don’t say?

aren’t we are all from space.

we’re all from ur anus

What if octopi are the only animal originally native to Earth?


The original was so obviously silly I didn’t even bother to comment. I couldn’t add anything to the brave comments who went before me. How do you get around the fact that we share about 95% of our DNA?

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You joke, but the question of whether animals are socialists is hotly debated in Marxist circles.


Damn! I love boingboing! Thanks

Marxism jokes are only funny if… everyone gets them


Hmmm… I for one welcome our tasty, tasty overlords.


Octopus is greek not latin so pus does not go to pi for plural.


But π is Greek. It’s used to spell χταπόδι :grinning:

(Sorry. That was bad, and I feel bad for writing it.)


“deringdo” (as in “feats of”) is a result of a printing error.

On “octop-”: http://www.darwineatscake.com/sites/default/files/DarwinEatsCake0113.png

If these embryonic cephalopods originally evolved on Krypton or Daxam, then exposure to the yellow light of our sun would have endowed the adults with super-strength, X-ray vision, nigh-invulnerability and the capacity for flight. This would certainly have added to their reproductive success on Earth.

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