Octopus grabs diver's video camera, swims off with it while it's recording



I once battled (held) a giant (baby) octopus at the bottom of Puget Sound. It sat in my hand with its little arms curled up and we looked at each other for a minute, then it zipped under my arm, leaving behind a tiny little splotch of ink.

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nope nope nope

Cephalopod cinematographer treated as amusing curiosity, rather than as budding artist.

Cthulhu will not be merciful.

@Mister_Eppy: isn’t it good that being underwater prevented them from developing fire?


No, because when they DO develop fire, water won’t be able to put it out.


It’s surprising how immensely strong the grip of octopi and squid is underwater. It works on the principal of suction of course, and the strength of suction is primarily limited by surface area, and the difference between ambient pressure and vacuum, so about 10m deep, the octopus can grab onto something twice as hard as it can at the surface, since the ambient pressure is about doubled at 10 meters depth.

No wonder a kraken can rip the skin off a sperm whale.

I heard these guys are after iPhones now, especially the 6.

Time for another animal-photography copyfight.

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