Octopodes are cool!

i see that this Wonderful Thing™ was first posted by @timd in unicorn chasers thread.
i would like to make an “octopodes are cool!” catch-all thread to put these truly Wonderful stories in a place where we can all share in the tentacly coolness of these incredibly intelligent creatures.
give us your coolest octo-stories. i want to start with Dumbo, this magical being that resembles an eight-tentacled axolotl.
bonus points for world cup football predicting cephalopods!


Paul? I’m afraid I have some bad news there.

yes, i was aware. meant as an example from recent memory of a particularly cool 'pus.
sadly, octopodes are not long-lived. otherwise they would already rule the world!


Yeah. If they lived longer and were brought up by their mams rather than sent out into the world on their own they would garner the respect they deserve.

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Always respect your local octopus

Bow down before our merciful overlord octopodes.

Corrected for orthography/grammar


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