Octopus unscrews lid from inside of jar


Is this the equivalent of putting a plastic bag over someone’s face? Definitely motivating.

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I love that the octopus stayed in the jar. He just wanted the top down. :smile:


I recently visited the Dauphin Island Estuarium. I was greatly disappointed that they don’t currently have an octopus. This makes it even more disappointing. Not that I would want to put one in a jar, but it just heightens my respect for these amazing animals.

As a sad side note one of the guys who worked there told me fishermen will sometimes bring in octopuses they’ve caught, but captured octopuses are so fragile and get stressed so easily the ones they get are usually half-dead and brain damaged.

That’s crazy. And once the lid’s off, it settles back into the jar. “I like my jar, man. Just don’t close me off.”

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It seemed to know to continue turning the lid in the correct direction…
I assume that this was not its first time doing this?

“Clever cephalopod” is redundant.

You can’t hear it in the video, but I’m pretty sure that octopus said “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you”

Enjoy your calimari, and thanks for bringing death to us all.


Naw. Squid are dumb.

They are the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Technically not tons of competition there. I mean, clams are stupid. I’m sorry, I said it. But they are dumb as hell.


I had a Cichlid named Big Lips who lived in a big Kimchi jar. She lived 5 years and was the size of my hand. She was the sole survivor. I had about 20 other cichlids, and she systematically eliminated them all: whether by outright murder, incessant chasing to exhaustion, driving them to jump out of the tank, starvation or Machiavellian cannibalism of other lessers. She was the queen. I miss her. She would lay eggs all over the tank. And since there was no male to fertilize them, she’d get frustrated and eat them all.

I could tell when she was frustrated, too. She was mostly calm, and when she got pissed, oh man, do not stick your hand in that tank. I got nipped many times by those sharp little teeth when I was cleaning the tank. I had to buy a longer cleaning siphon, so I didn’t have to stick my hand down there anymore.

She looked just like this, except BIG.

Says the person with only 4 limbs and skin that can’t change colors.

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One of my favorite books when I was a kid was Octopus Lives In The Ocean by William and Peggy Stephens. I read it so many times I memorized it, and also discussed it with adults. My grandfather was, er, intrigued by my detailed description of octopus sex, but that’s another story.

What this brings to mind is a part of the book in which the octopus moves into a glass bottle and lives there quite happily until a person picks up the bottle and carries it away. It gave me mixed feelings about picking up trash on the beach. On the one hand it’s unsightly and usually environmentally harmful. On the other hand I could be picking up someone’s home. Since this is about an octopus I feel like there should be six other hands to consider.


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