Oculus Rift in The New Yorker

We’ve already played with Oculus Rift, the unexpectedly brilliant revival of consumer virtual reality. The New Yorker profiles an experience that has gone from headache-inducing tunnel vision to an experience that feels oddly akin to scuba diving. The Oculus Rift uses optical tricks to create the realistic sensation, like slightly warping the edges of the… READ THE REST

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My first memory of virtual reality was a segment on the BBC show
Tomorrow’s World in about 1990, featuring helmets the size, shape and
weight of a granite curling stone.

I remember playing a fair few Virtuality games in the early 90s. Problem was, you never really got to play long enough to get used to it. Also, if you were unfortunate enough to be wearing glasses, you would often find that they were squashed to your face at a 45 degree angle as some careless attendant slammed the massive helmet on your head.

With the Rift, it seems like my 20 year wait for VR is finally over though.

I am actively considering picking up a dev kit, just to play around with some of the demos that are out there.

Heck, $300 is worth it if it means I can play EVR again. Even if I’m only playing by myself.

(Okay, maybe not if I’m only playing by myself.)

I think I’ll be lining up when the Rift hits stores later this year.

the developers said the consumer version of the rift will be available late-end of 2014 or later.

so dont hold your breath, the high definition version developer kit might be available earlier

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