Watch a 4-year-old girl experience virtual reality on Oculus Rift for the first time

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Dang it! I knew I should have recorded my kids when they first tried Google Cardboard. I missed out on my 15 minutes of fame…

Cute. I watched a bunch of reaction videos after that one and couldn’t help thinking that from the perspective of the future, we’re going to look an awful lot like those people in the theatre with the Lumière brothers, trying to get out of the way of the train arriving at La Ciotat.

When this becomes mundane, what next!?


when I was 4 I think I saw color TV for the first time (not that it was that new, my folks just didn’t care to upgrade). When I was maybe 10 I used my first Apple ][.

Considering what seeing VR at 4 would be like sort of blows my mind.

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I remember VR…

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