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I expect to close my deal for the sun later this morning, after
which you will have 72 hours to set up an account at MySunlight.com .
Sunshine will be available for rental on 1/2 hour basis, payable
in our proprietary cryptocurrency, SolCoins. Look
for our Initial Coin Offering later today.


We will happily sell our entire crop of 3 potatoes for one day of sunshine.
We are proud to be known as farmers of potato, we will not be beet.


Potatoes? Why didn’t you say so sooner? Of course we will accept potatoes. A lovely bunch of coconuts would also be okay if you’ve got ‘em and your market capitalization is favorable. Don’t try to slip us any turnips though, or the beetings will commence.



The problem for researchers is that while fecal transplants can be an effective tool, they don’t really know enough about how they work. They’d like to understand which microbes are particularly important, and in what proportions. This would allow them to move away from the crude therapy of dosing patients with the complex, mysterious mixture of microbes in a healthy person’s poop, and towards a rationally designed mixture of well understood probiotics.

The discovery of super donors, whose feces seems to be particularly efficacious in clinical trials could help with this problem.


Oh, the poop smith.






Drums, two saxophones, some safety cones.

Napoleon Murphy Brock meets Daft Punk maybe? Anyway, give it a chance. It’s kind of danceable.



Reminds me of the Ululating Mummies from Richmond, Va.

Used to put on really fun and weird New Years shows.

Autoplay onebox issues


Fuck no. As awful as Skype, or god forbid Teams which is getting pushed to replace Skype, or any WhatsApp like tool I will take it a hundred time over that awful bloated everything but the kitchen sink POS Notes.
Sorry I have had to deal with Notes too much. You want to know how bad Notes is. I have zero bad things to say about Exchange/Outlook after using Notes.


I give out my Signal on my resumé and a grand total of two interviewers have ever used it. I could see that several had it installed. One even insisted I give my skype username because their cell reception was bad rather than use Signal over wifi (?!)

Edit: yes their cell had wifi access