Odds are, your grill is disgusting and a wire brush won’t help but the Q-Swiper can

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Your grill may be caked in disgusting grease. But unless you’re doing something really wrong you’re going to kill any bacteria stone dead.


Nooooooooo! Here in the BBQ belt that grease is part of the magic!

Old seldom used grills can get moldy and that’s no good. But a nice clean grill really needs a couple rounds of cheeseburgers and wings before the it is ready for prime cuts.

I have heard of a popular slider dive in a small Kansas town that replaced their old, nasty, and tired grill with a new model. The locals complained the burgers just didn’t taste right and the restaurant was forced to dig the old grill out of the landfill and reinstall it!


exactly - if the grill is properly heated up, before cooking, the grill is sterilized.

Who writes these sales pitches?


I’m half convinced that nobody “writes” these posts, but instead they’re birthed semi-formed from an AI simulacrum of Billy Mays and then molded into shape by unpaid “interns.”


Odds are, I don’t have a grill, disgusting or otherwise.

Dont buy this
This is stupid


Sourdough bacteria is 120 years old, but yeah, last week’s meat juice is gross.

I don’t have a grill.

Well, fear not! BoingBoingStore has you covered!


It has “diamond-infused coating” for easy clean up. The coating is infused with diamonds.


It looks like this just wipes the surface. You could do the same thing with a paper towel wrapped around a block of wood.

If you really want to clean the grill, get a brush with wire bristles so you can clean between and under the rods.


Jesus what’s that? Pet Krematary?

Fire it up - burn that shit - scrape off the burnt shit - yer good to go.


Diamonds you say? Then by all means, load it into my Porsche and I’ll be off!


Soda | node = tingly ouchies. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t worry too much about stuff living on the grill surface; I’ll scrap the burnt on stuff off with a pumice stone, then crank the thing up to full blast for ~10-15 minutes, which nominally should sterilize the interior.

Also: Story time!

I bought one of those cheap folding gas grills from the local box store a number of years ago. It uses those 1 pound propane bottles. (I call em BBQ grenades) During it’s first real use at a pool party after I assembled it and made sure there were no leaks or squeaks with the gas system, the master chef of our group managed to start a grease fire in it from using some very high fat content burgers. I didn’t know it at the time (because I was swimming), but I noticed a lot of smoke coming off it, and got out to see what was going on. The master chef told me everything was under control, he’d already turned off the gas and removed the bottle from the grill, and just… kept the lid closed and let the fire put itself out.

We thought the burgers that were on the grill were ruined, but I decided to try one anyway. The outside was charred and crunchy, but that process sealed in the greased, and made for the best burger I’ve had in a very long time. (after pouring the excess grease out after taking a bite. :smiley: )

The grill, as far as I know, still works. I kept it for a couple years afterwards, and eventually gave it to the master chef as a sort of housewarming gift, along with a 20 pound tank to 1 pound adapter hose.

We never managed to replicate those burgers, though, but we have set grills on fire with disturbing regularity since…

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