Quick way to clean stove burner grates with ammonia and plastic bags


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Cool tip! I’m going to try it this week. (I really hate cleaning those things because they never get clean.:rage:)


It’s not a tip, it’s a hack. Tips are so 2011.


Don’t even get me started on the use of that word.


I’ve done this move with some super gross burner grates- it’s pretty amazing.
Ventilation is wise.


Doing this outside is the only way you want to do this if you don’t have a fume hood.


Or if ya don’t like to party!!

(Why is my nose bleeding?)


I have found the dishwasher and using a table spoon of TSP to be pretty good at getting the gunk off. I try to throw them in along with the splatter pans and the burner tops on a regular basis.


You mean me, don’t you? :wink:


Don’t forget to add bleach for extra cleaning POWER!
Like turns them into goo bad.


Easy-off oven cleaner does a good in a few minutes. I basically do the spray and run technique.

Most of the time I just use a brillo pad and scrub till the pad is gone and call it good enough.


Well if that’s who does it in the house…
I used to do them by hand. I actually like doing them that way, kinda meditative for me. But since we have the appliance in the house gotta use it.


It is for me because some things are best done by hand. It’s just that I miss having a dishwasher and someone told me that he’d do the dishes if we moved, and well, you know. :wink:


White vinegar does the same thing without the fumes and the potential contact with bleach scare.


Never, ever, ever clean a slightly dirty catbox with bleach. Even just a whiff of the ammonia and bleach mustard gas made us run outta the house.


Exactly! Or at least a damn good start (don’t let them dry!)


Best way to clean crusted up gas grill grates is cover them close, the whole thing, with heavy foil and close the top with the burners on high. Lots of smoke will ensue, and nothing but ash will be on the grates when there’s no more smoke.


You can do it, just be sparing with the bleach and DO IT OUTSIDE.


Be really careful with that, a lot of grills can’t take the temperatures you can reach that way. The grill is designed for the maximum temperature it can reach under normal conditions, but when you wrap the grill, not only does the oven box reach a much higher temperature than it was designed for, but parts like the underside of the grill and the burner valves that are not normally subjected to high heat will be.

For me, keeping the grates clean has never been a problem. Good quality grates on a grill that is designed to get hot enough will burn off enough that a few seconds with a wire brush knocks the crud off. My problem is always the thick sludge of grease, ash, and food particles underneath the burners. Most of it comes off pretty easily, but it is annoying to disassemble enough of the grill to get to it,


No, but oven with a self-cleaning cycle can, and you can just pop the grills in the oven whenever you run a cycle.

[quote=“ejeffrey, post:19, topic:79160”]
My problem is always the thick sludge of grease, ash, and food particles underneath the burners. Most of it comes off pretty easily[/quote]
That’s what we keep the rats for.