Officer of the Month indicted on assault charge

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Honestly the assault probably raised the esteem his superiors who named him officer of the month have for him. Glad to see a prosecutor isn’t kowtowing to corrupt cops for a change.


Wait, he was suspended in April and “Officer of the Month” in July?


You got a problem wid dat pal? :slight_smile:


aka Officer Friendly.



July 2019:
Traffic stop incident

April 2021
Excessive force lawsuit relating to July 2019 incident
Viera suspended from duty

July 2021
Viera named Patrol Officer of the Month
Viera arrested and charged with aggravated assault

EDIT: Apparently he was officer of the month in July 2019.


The war on drugs is almost always the root cause of abuse by the justice system. No victimless crime is treated as harshly as drug crime.

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The link seems to say that he was officer of the month in July of 2019. Not much better, as it was still around the time he was trying to murder people for traffic violations.

1 Like just grabbed his pic from the awards ceremony for their indictment story :slight_smile:

If he manages to get at least two kills during the remainder of the year he is still a shoe-in for Officer of the Year so he’s hoping that the suspension doesn’t keep him from completing the competition.

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