"Remorseless" MAGA insurrectionist who violently beat cops on J6 sentenced to nearly five years in prison

Originally published at: Remorseless MAGA Supporter Sentenced for Assaulting Officers at Capitol


Five years for assaulting multiple cops?

My, I’m sure his wrists are really mildly bruised right now.


Kenny J O’Teee y’all.

It’s not like he committed a really serious crime, like driving while Black, or selling loose cigarettes while Black, or sleeping on the couch while Black, or…


The saddest part of this story is that people donated actual money ($77,000) to his defense fund. We might have to change “there’s a sucker born every minute” to “there’s a sucker born every second”.



Oddly enough, I almost respect the mania more, here.
It just feels surreal watching each person in turn just cry themselves dry about how they were mislead, how remorseful they are, they weren’t really trying to overthrow the government, how could they know?
At least in this case, he was there, he did it, he’s committed to it. He’s wrong as hell, but at least I’m not expected to do much more than ask how much time that deserves.

Why not $75,000 of fines and $2,000 court fees?
Take back everything from this grifter.
And if all the money is gone? He can earn (some of) it back in prison at $0.52 per hour.


It’s not about race. /S
Would anyone think about the future of this “fine young” man? /S


A 41-year-old MAGA terrorist with an annoying four-word name

What is the maximum number of names considered tolerable, after which any additional names become annoying? More importantly, where did you come up with that number?

sentenced to 4 years and 10 months in prison for violently assaulting

As opposed to those Jan 6 rioters who were merely “gently” assaulting, huh?

Good point about the quantity of names.
Lots of people have two middle names to honour people from both sides of their family.
Heck, I know someone with a first name, two middle names, and two (!) hyphenated last names: 7 names in total. It was hell to get a passport with 50+ characters in her legal name.

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You’ve got at least five yourself, haven’t you.

Personally, I think this guy could and should have gotten ten years or more. He seems to have no redeeming qualities.

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