Official Disney ride-through of the VFX-heavy Pirates of the Caribbean reboot at Shanghai Disneyland

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If only I had some bromine-infused water I could sniff while watching this.


Cool, but needs more drunken debauchery. That’s the point of being a pirate and plundering for treasure, isn’t it?

Like a 17th century rap video?




No splashdown?

It’s a ride based on a movie based on a ride. Will there be a movie based on it?

At least it looks better than the one at Disney World which is always such a disappointment compared to the one at Disneyland.

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This new generation of Disney spectaculars all seem to be missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on. The technology is impressive, but the appealing depth of the old attractions just isn’t there. Maybe I just don’t find video projections all that magical?

If I were a Disney pirate, the point of the plundering would be to fund my paternity leave.

Disney is very golden-age-of-the-high-seas about such things, apparently.

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Star Tours is 33 years old. Video projections is hardly “new generation”.

Yeah, but it’s their answer to everything these days.

I feel like there is considerably less video projection stuff in Radiator Springs Racers than in the Haunted Mansion, for example. I did have the same feeling you are expressing about Indiana Jones Adventure lacking soul, but things like Soarin’ feel like they have just as much soul as Mission to Mars ever did.

I swear they’ve got one at 7:03. The boat is facing backwards which is pretty cool.

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I was wondering about that bit. It was hard to tell from the video.

It also feels like they’re asking much smaller numbers of animatronics to do the heavy lifting in these shows. For something called “Pirates of the Caribbean,” the Shanghai ride seems remarkably light on pirates.

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Wow, 2 or 3 animatronic figures and some really big tv’s. I wasn’t in a hurry to go to China anyway.

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