Officials probe mysterious origin of Nazi symbol on fired cop's flashlight


We are all working towards the Führer.


Sub-par literacy?


Just as a point of accuracy, doesn’t the flashlight scratching read “THE WIG SPLITTLER”?

The extra L gives it a little extra Nazi-ness. Gross, abominable Nazi-ness.


I’m squinting with you.

It seems like he was writing Hitler backwards but got cold feet when he got to the cross bar of the H. So then he figured out he could make it spell Splitter if he:

  • added SP to the front,
  • made the first vertical of the H into a L,
  • the second vertical of the H into a I (i)
  • and the I (i) into a T.

Yes this would require he forgot that splitter doesn’t contain a second L, I don’t find that very logical but actually more plausible then him adding this extra L out of nowhere.

I hope we can get some more squinters in here, I am sure I’m still missing something here.


Getting into the conspiracy zone here, but exactly where I would expect the crossbar from the H in Hitler you can see some weird artifacts in the image:


Is this just me or?


Via a comment on Reddit:

It seems this:

Was made from this:

Now, who photoshopped that cross bar out?


Yeah but but… the SS lightning bolts are still there!




Eeehhhh… the I and L in “heil” makes no sense in placement, and there is not cross bar with the H. And there would be a huge space between the two words. The extra “L”? I am guessing racist cops putting runes on their gear aren’t exactly the brightest.

We don’t really need a deeper conspiracy - it’s clear the runes are there. “Wig Splitter”, while not racist by itself, certainly isn’t professional. It is more Mall Ninja territory.


I suppose that we should be happy that the “w” does not appear to be a clumsily modified “n”


I agree, I think that is where this scratch job started, if your not adept at lettering things, especially on curved surfaces, it’s really easy to drift off straight.

I agree, that is why I first dismissed this theory, but looking closely at the place I would expect the cross bar in the image (see close-up further up) you do see some horizontal lines, seemingly just compression artifacts, but suspiciously they appear exactly where you’d expect the edges of a fill covering the cross bar to be.

Now I agree that this is quite a conspiracy, but to me this makes more sense then SPLITTLER with a extra L.

Agreed, the scratched coverup isn’t much better then the crime in this case, especially if you leave the SS symbols just as they are.

However, if I’m right, and this cross bar has been photoshopped out, then there are two botched coverups. One replacing “Heil Hitler” with “the wig splittler” and another, much more important one, tampering with evidence by editing the photograph of the first.

Edit: I think I will leave it at this for now, I have no horse in this race, and I don’t think the conspiracy nut is a good look for me :smiley:


Why would the “H” be photoshopped out and by who? I mean it really does nothing to make the situation better for the cop.


A bad attempt to hide the previously existing Heil Hitler.

I don’t think the people have anything to gain by hiding this so it has to have happened earlier. Someone in the court system? A sympathetic neo-nazi? A police officer ordered to hide this because they can’t use even more out and out racism connected to their department? Maybe the department is even responsible for the first scratched cover-up and are doubling-down in their shitty cover-up attempts in order to prevent the first from coming to light?

It makes it slightly less obvious that it used to say Heil Hitler. And apparently it’s working because a google search for “the wig splittler” (with the extra L, no thanks Google, I want that L to be there, please give me only those results) turns up only the Reddit thread I linked to earlier.

The two SS can be mistaken for lightning bolts, Heil Hitler* can’t. Now they have a least the smallest of small plausible deniabilities, without it they don’t.

*Just today I’ve written those two words more than in the rest of my life :unamused:

Edit: Alright, this time I really am going to leave it at that, at least for today. Some idea’s for others that may want to don my tinfoil hat in my absence:

  • Is there a high-res version of the flashlight photo’s?
  • I tried looking here:
    but all those links just time-out for me, and I have no idea where even to begin looking for this to be honest.
  • Maybe contact Andrew Knapp, the writer of the linked article?

Otherwise I will probably compulsively return there myself tomorrow :see_no_evil:


Nazi symbols on an artifact vs artifact symbols on a Nazi.


In these dark times, I’ll take anything, no matter how small…


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