Offworld Monday roundup: Empathy, criticism and being filthy in the shower

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Ah yes, those controversial ‘opinions’ that (to paraphrase Stewart Lee) she has, to a deadline, for money.

Interesting how many people think that Hopkins is a psychopath when she appears to me to be rather more clearly a narcissist.


That interview with Katie Hopkins might be interesting, but I’d rather deny her the oxygen of publicity (along with all other types of oxygen).

hand in hand with not having the ability to critique things, it seems like many people don’t even want you to take time to think about the media that you are consuming. It is ok to play something even if you know it is problematic. It’s similar to like, yeah, look I know that drinking all this beer is going to have some negative impacts on my waistline, but acknowledging that fact doesn’t mean I hate beer, it just means that I am consuming this beer with the awareness of the effects it might have on me (or my wife who doesn’t like beer breath).

Good choice, probably the only thing that would piss her off too.

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