Oh m' god, listen to Game of Thrones Emilia Clark's perfect "Cali from the Valley" accent


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Whoa. As a CA native currently living in Southern CA, her Valley Girl accent is spot on perfect.
We live near a university so the overheard conversations at the grocery store are pretty much this.


She even got the vocal fry right! Right out of “In A World”'s sexy-baby accent.


the khaleesi loves clueless? omg omg omg /freakout


She’s consistently entertainingly goofy on any talk show she’s on. Try to catch her recent appearance on Graham Norton with Ahnuld.


Her normal accent is very transatlantic though so it’s not as if she’s making a huge shift to my ears. But what do I know.


For the night is dark and full of fanboys.


i dunno, a quick look on home depot’s website shows that all the ones around NO close at 10pm (8 on weekends). maybe she made this story up.


I’m betting she rather went to a Wal-Mart and didn’t want to admit to it. Alternatively, she struck some sort of fairy tale deal with the People of Wal-Mart and if she tells the true tale of what she saw that night she will be cursed forevermore with methmouth and diabetes.


FitBits for everyone!


Dammit, now I want Khaleesi to talk this way.



@1m41s - Meet Denise.


Correct, there is almost no retail open here in New Orleans past midnight unless you want some crap t-shirts or something from a tourist shop. There is a grocery/camping goods/mardi gras kitch/herbal remedy/pizza place open 24/7, but I don’t think they have air conditioners for sale.


Are you questioning the Khaleessi?

But you’re totally right, none the less.

Now I want a touristy, overpriced AC unit from NOLA…


It’s gonna be decorated with purple and gold, all right? Plus, it has a little button that plays a low-bit sample of “When the Saints Come Marching In” when you accidentally press it at 3am and you can’t get it to stop until it plays all the verses on the chip. But between you me and the lamp-post, the battery doesn’t last all that long.


I’m in.


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