Ohio Walmart mass shooting just 1 day after deadly Alaska Walmart shooting

Originally published at: 2 deadly Walmart shootings in 2 days


Which tired old talking point will it be today, ammosexuals?


Yet another reason not to shop there.

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i take it you haven’t been to beavercreek. there really aren’t that many options.

i do wish they’d release the victim’s names. while i understand respecting people’s privacy, there are also times you wonder if maybe you know anyone involved. :confused:


Between Jan. 1, 2020, and last Nov. 22, there were at least 363 gun incidents and 112 gun deaths at Walmart, according to Guns Down America.
I found out while looking into why stores allow armed people into their stores is that there is an entire group of lawyers that sue Walmart for damages when someone is injured in a Walmart store via a gun “accident” (more accurately a negligent discharge)
This is the “slip and fall” of gun cases and the reason that Walmart can continue to allow guns in stores is they are self insured and they pay off the people who sue them and make them sign non-disclosures and non-disparagement clauses to get the money.
The management ran the numbers and they believe it is better for them PR wise and financially to keep selling guns & ammo and keep allowing anyone with a gun to enter the store.
This keeps the NRA & Gun lovers happy.

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The same Walmart where John Crawford was murdered by police :frowning:


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