Oil refinery explosion was "Thanksgiving miracle", says newspaper owned by family that owns the refinery

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It looks like a miracle no one died. Not that there was an explosion. But yeah, good for funny headline highlights 2018. Letterman is off the air, do any of the other late night people still do that?


I didn’t know that miracles were associated with secular holidays.


It’s truly a miracle that no one will be investigating why there was an explosion in the first place. /s


Fuck Irving.

They treat New Brunswick like their own personal plaything. They’ve completely corrupted the political system and undermined it’s economy. They own all of the newspapers except for one. It is like those old company towns except it is the whole province.


The Onion never fails to entertain.

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It’s not that much of a miracle, i’ve lived around these types of refineries half of my life and my dad continues to work in plants like these. Most of the time there isn’t going to be personnel on site unless upgrades and maintenance is being done, everything else can be done remotely. I am 100% glad no one died but it’s far from a miracle, it’s clearly spin. This family likely know someone at the newspaper or own it because no other paper would report on the incident in such a subjective way.


I’ve worked at this refinery, there are plenty of people on site, but it is a large area.

However, the Telegraph Journal is well known for never saying anything bad about the Irvings, so no surprise they would put a positive spin on it.


I understand that ‘miracle’ is a common cliche deployed in these situations to tell everyone to quit poking around and start exuding gratitude; but the implications actually seem rather negative.

‘Miracle’ is essentially ‘wow, that was blind dumb luck!’, just in its Sunday best. Not what you want to hear in the context of a system malfunctioning somewhat less badly than it.might have; but pretty badly.

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Right?! Who knew? Well… apart from all of the Canadians, and anyone else that pays attention to holidays in other countries. Yes, I live under a rock, but it’s adequately furnished, and the neighbors are better than some.

Also, do the refinery workers not get Thanksgiving off?

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Yep. Except I wear shirts, and am paler.

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The Telegraph-Journal never says anything bad about the Irvings because the Telegraph-Journal is owned by the Irvings.

A couple of decades ago there was a minor scandal when a senior Irving published a front-page editorial telling residents of Saint John whom to vote for. I wish I were kidding. Nothing came of it, of course.

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