Oklahoma City pastor charged after man claims to see him fondling kids at bus stop and chases him down

Note to “concerned” citizens considering posting to this thread:

  • This incident was recorded on video and corroborated by multiple witnesses.
  • The police have formally charged the pastor with “forcible fondling and lewd acts involving a child.”
  • Even the pastor’s church has seemingly accepted the evidence against him, expressing shock and noting they have a zero-policy against this behavior.
  • No one, including the suspect himself, has provided a plausible explanation for why he’d be repeatedly seeking out a group of unattended minors to get touchy-feely with.

So if you’re planning on posting a comment just to suggest that everyone is rushing to judgement against a man who likely didn’t do anything wrong…


He’ll get his chance to argue his innocence in front of a jury of his peers if he chooses to do so. You don’t need to do that for him.