Oklahoma City pastor charged after man claims to see him fondling kids at bus stop and chases him down

Originally published at: Oklahoma City pastor charged after man claims to see him fondling kids at bus stop and chases him down | Boing Boing


No worries! The devil made him do it. /s


Wonder what the dad faces for legal or civil issues due to the beating. Bet he gets in more trouble than the perv pastor.

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Glad he’s off the streets, sorry about your face Pastor Dude…


I’m willing to bet that this pastor spends a lot of time at the pulpit railing against the “moral decline” of America and also the “gay agenda”.


Matthew 19:14: But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. :grimacing:
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Disagree. This man witnessed a stranger molesting his own child. Chasing him down and stopping him from escaping is an appropriate response. A skull fracture could happen just in achieving that. Don’t want a skull fracture, don’t sexually assault children.


The church said in their statement 'We would encourage everyone to pray for this family during a very difficult time in their lives" - how backward is this world in which we live, a corrupt concept (religion) being run for gain is crass enough to encourage the thought that a fictitious character should be prayed to because one of their employees preyed on a child.


The article is very clear that the victim’s father was the one that chased down the man and held him until police arrived, and that the father directly witnessed (and video recorded!) the molestation. Maybe read the article? Then comment?


I suspect it’ll depend on what comes out - if the pastor really was touching kids inappropriately, and this guy actually did witness unambiguous acts, police, prosecutors and juries are going to be extremely sympathetic to the guy, even if he did break the law. Hell, even if none of that is true, I suspect they’ll still tend to be sympathetic, even if the pastor was the victim of a mistaken identity/misunderstanding and the guy who attacked him hadn’t actually seen anything himself - seems like the tendency is to want to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who thinks, however wrongly, that they’re stopping kids from being abused.

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The dad watched the pastor jog past the bus stop, turn back around when the kids showed up, and put his arm around his son and cup his ass. I’m not saying fracturing his skull and breaking his ocular orbit is the entirely appropriate response either, but at least put in literally any effort to read the article. Seems pretty black-and-white.

I was able to find a couple of cases in which fathers severely beat someone caught assaulting their child. Both fully admitted to it and neither were even so much as arrested. In the case in the second link the father actually beat the guy to death and then called police, and a grand jury refused to issue an indictment. It’s an unusual situation that combines both emotional and political factors into the legal decision-- can you imagine the attack ads that would come from their opponents if the Sheriff and/or DA decided to put the dad in jail?


You know you’re in a community right now where that comment is really shitty and spoiling for a fight, right? You do know that?


To which I say, “put me on that jury”.


Poor kid. I’m glad he knows now that his dad is 100% there for him and will protect him. I hope the outcome of a shitty situation is that they grow even closer through the tumultuous teen years looming ahead.


Gotta say as a new dad and molestation survivor - no matter how progressive, tolerant, and empathetic I like to think I am…

There’s no way I would have done any differently. Dude sex-touches my boy and he gets hurt.


Seriously. Survivor with two small kids at home here, and this article and exchange are giving me ALL THE FEELS.


Well done, sir.

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Not so sure. I’d much rather be charged with whatever the father might be facing than “forcible fondling and lewd acts involving a child” as the pastor was charged with.


For sure!
I find the answer, “attacking a child predator” to be a much more satisfactory answer to the question, “what are you in for?”