Old lady calls cops on hispanic mom because her "baby is in pain"

Speak for yourself. As a white father of mixed race kids, I have had questions raised if they were mine and when someone starts overstepping their bounds between me and kids I get rather…uh…uncivil.


Good, I don’t blame you. I’m sick of these racist assholes and their bullshit.


Tell her never to go to the beach. ever. There just isn’t enough cops to make the arrests.


Many a person always says “never get between a momma bear and her cubs”. And getting between my spouse and our kids is a bad idea.

But she will tell you getting between our cubs and papa bear is a guaranteed path to mental and physical pain.




I’m as white as can be, and some woman called the cops on me because I left my two - also white - boys (ages 10 and 6) in a running Subaru Forester with the A/C on in a Whole Foods parking lot, which is like White People Wakanda around here.

Not trying to diminish what happens to non-white folks, but attempting to mention that a lot of times, assholes fall into a general category that doesn’t overtly consider race.


Pardon me while I nerd it up a bit. The sun was coming from a low angle from behind the car. How harsh could it be after passing through all that extra atmosphere? Later afternoon sun is not known for being all that bad, even here in Alabama, where the sun is so bad… And then how much of it could actually be hitting the car seat? Just a little on the baby’s face? After passing thru glass that knocked out a good chunk of the UV, though not all of it? I mean, it seemed like granny had a burr up her ass and was looking for a fight to start.


Hey, them kids shouldn’t be coming round here, using up our sun light! Let them git their Vitamin D from Big Pharma like regular folks do!


Car seat Connie! Send that one to Michael Harriot, please!


Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.


You hear me, Euan. It’s the racist ignorance that started the racist conflict that I can’t get past.

I feel like I should have a wallet card to give to people insisting I put sunscreen on my daughter, who is congenitally unable to get a sunburn at our latitude, but at greater risk for Vitamin D deficiency.


For about a year and a half after I had my daughter, I was living with my mom in her condo. One of her neighbors asked my mom on a date. She declined.

Shortly after that, he told me that he was watching my kid for bruises, and that he was planning to report me to CPS because she cried “all the time.” My kid was actually an exceptionally calm baby who rarely cried and slept through the night by 7 months. Even the neighbor across from us thought the guy was referring to her three kids, who were always crying.


Soon to be taken down because they didn’t license the Cardi B playing in the background.

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Senator Connie has no use for facts or reality


If Car Seat Connie was concerned about sun falling on the child, she should have stood between the sun & the kid while gurgling “Wot a purdy ba-bee.”


Mysterious jump at around 3:42

I wonder what got clipped out there…:thinking:

Really? I think I’d lose my mind if someone tried to interfere with my kids. That sucks, sorry.


I think what got clipped at 3:47 is the mom with Carseat Connie’s car door.

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No - the door is clearly closed at that point. ( I had 3:47 but it’s actually between 3:42 and 3:44)