Old school speech synthesizers perform Monty Python's "Argument" sketch

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I could watch the entirety of the Python oeuvre conducted like this, and in so doing perhaps put behind me John Cleese’s shameful support for Brexit.


Can’t we just enjoy the art without delving into the politics of the artist? I’d like to imagine that this is a Prog defect, if I hadn’t seen evidence of the same POV from Conservatives as well. Perhaps it is merely a by-product of taking politics too seriously on either end of the spectrum.


I like to think of Trump as a performance artist, and voting for him as a free ticket for a four-year show.



Ha! Weird intersection of coincidences - I have been binging on Python with my kid lately, and was just thinking about the old workstation on the shelf which hosts my DECtalk card.



I’ve got to get that MUSE to you before it rots completely.


Is this a prescient transcript of the upcoming presidential debate?


Better than the synthetic music from Sony.

I was messing around with speech synthesis and jokes earlier in the year using Festival on the RPi. I found it impossible to introduce any type of timing or pauses, so everything was delivered in a continuous stream of monotone. I couldn’t find a solution and my dreams of a robot stand up were crushed.
Turns out the most amusing thing to do with TTS is input extremely long strings of nonsense or repeating sounds and listen to the synthesiser trying to make sense of them.

Surprisingly satisfying.

What’s with the Scandi accent on the Dectalk Express?

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When NOAA replaced their old, robotic-sounding voice on their weather radio service, and replaced it with much more natural sounding male and female voices, they actually received a good number of complaints about it. So instead of doing away with it altogether, they relegated to announcing the time.

I understand they’re now in the process of replacing all three voices with a single male voice.

Topple the patriarchy!

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Old school speech synthesizers perform Monty Python’s “Argument” sketch

No they don’t.


perhaps put behind me John Cleese’s shameful support for Brexit.

I’m too busy with Scott Baio (oh, and Jon Voight) supporting Trump.

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