Olivia Newton-John is auctioning off her Grease leather jacket and pants

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Maybe Bowzer will buy it.


Never gon’n to fit me, so I’m passing.


I will be it still smells of cigarettes and teen sex.


So… Smells Like Teen Spirit?

I’ll see myself out.



My, oh my, how times have changed. Little me first encountered the idea of reproduction when I saw Grease 2. Now we have Pornhub.


Don’t worry, there was nobody close to a teenager in that movie.


But what will she wear then?

But how to verify that she actually wore these. Wardrobe departments normally keep several duplicates on hand in case of loss, damage, soiling, or clothing ‘failure’.

I don’t see what the incentive would be for Olivia Newton-John to lie about it.


I’m not saying she’s lying. At end of production, ‘wardrobe’ may have handed her whatever was hanging with the rest; that’s not unlikely. Lots of ex-Hollywood grips/mechs/sparkies were at my first place of employment in SoCal… and they talked. Clothing, props, set details got jumbled up and (ahem) ended up elsewhere all the time. Which explains how one of my co-workers ended up with one of the prop maker hooks from Lynch’s Dune!

I’d suspect the auction house might do more to authenticate it than just list everything based on her post-it notes.

The leather jacket and pants were unique, in any case. It’s a skintight outfit that required on-set sewing. It wasn’t a generic jacket and pants.

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You’re right. I’ve certainly see articles about props that were actually secondary. Probably still worth some money, but not as much as the items in the movie.

Even Ken Kesey did it, driving a bus to the Smithsonian some years before his death, revealing later it wasn’t the real “Furthur” but one made up for the trip. The original was in bad shape, unable to make the trip, so it stayed in the farm in Oregon.



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I just think an item for a charity auction for cancer patients is probably authentic, because it was reported to be unique, and it makes sense that it’s probably authentic.

What are you on about?

That implies that I have an agenda. I don’t. I believe I asked a legitimate question regarding the provenance of an item that likely necessarily exists as duplicates and that is being auctioned… with that question based on what ex-grips, et al, have personally told me; and based on the history of purportedly unique ‘auctionable’ items later discovered to be inauthentic. I have no emotional investment of any kind in Olivia Newton-John (I never have), which bolsters my objectivity. And note that I never said she was lying; I’ve already explained the reasons behind my question. And I think we are done here.

I thought I answered your question. There’s an auction house, and the auction item isn’t generic. It’s something that was a costume just for her, not other extras.

You replied with swoony gifs, and so I asked you what was up. They didn’t seem to have anything to do with how auction houses work.

What? No flowy outfits and roller skates from Xanadu? I’m out.

Xanadu was so bad they’d have to pay people to take stuff.

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