Olympic game mash-ups


The Biathlon is a combination of shooting and skiing. What other games can we come up with?


Open-water Synchronized Swimming,
10 km of water ballet.

Balance Beam Fencing,
The ultimate finesse.


In the velogym - Individual sprint boxing. You can either punch your opponent off their bike or out-ride them.
In the equestrian pool - Water polo. With real horses.
Track and field - 4X100m javelin relay. The team with the most survivors wins.

ETA: Marathon Jump - Long,High or Triple. 3 attempts with a 26 mile run-up.


Discus Baseball


High Jump + Soccer
First you Fosbury flop, then you flop. Scores are given for height and believability.


Rugby Judo
Synchronized Table Tennis


Uneven bars diving


Greco-Roman Tennis.


Speed walking football - If you run you get sent off


Walking football’s a thing, isn’t it?

Yep. Awesome. :slight_smile:


Anything combining equestrian with archery.


To be held in the Equestrian Centaur.


A few more good ones:

Synchronized BMX
Equestrian fencing
Rhythmic wrestling
Beach golf
Water taekwondo
Trampoline weightlifting


So much potential for comedy there. And injury. :laughing:


Brings a whole new meaning to “deadlift”


I was going to generalize it further… Anything combined with equestrian – make those lazy riders earn their medals.


My wife loves equestrian so I watched many of the events.

One of the commentators for NBC (they weren’t even in Rio! They were providing commentary from CT via satellite feed) mentioned how the horses travel first class just like the riders. I was like, “well they sure as hell should!”.


Velodrome javelin.
Cycle and throw that spear, go!!!


You could do a triathlon with shooting and archery. Last cyclist standing wins.



I’d watch the hell out of that.