Omega 3 and 6 treats for my dog's joints

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Imma lose my shit with Amazon. Why the hell is this 25$ in the US and 75$ in Canada?

Oh, those kind of joints. Carry on.

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THC supposedly muy no bueno para los perros?

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Cheapest canine glucosamine+chondroitin complex is Trader Joe’s, works wonders. FYI, canola instead of Salmon if you can’t bear the stink. Arf!


The TJs is also a good type for canine bioavailability. I give them this as well.

Check out Antinol (which is New Zealand green lipped mussel oil). My 11 year old lab pit mix, who’s has 2 ACL surgeries, responded amazingly to it, running like a pup again. Not the cheapest but… Wow. (there’s a human version that is also pretty amazing for the creaks that come along for us olds - the vet who recommended it takes it herself!)

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