Watch this cute dog help scientists study truffles

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Truffle shuffle?

Anyone aware of grocery stores in NYC which carry truffles (rather than truffle butter or oil)? I’d like to try some, but can only find them via mail order, and they’re expensive enough without getting FedEx involved.

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You put a kids tag on a story about truffles?

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Not-so-fun thing I was told about commercial truffle searchers: many of their dogs die of breast cancer. Truffle volatiles work as a pheromone, wreaking havoc to the bitches endocrinal system.

My brother brought this piece of info from Istria, where he accompanied truffle hunters. He brought back some, and I have to say it’s one of the weirdest things to pay such a price for. It isn’t unpleasant, but the sulfuric component is weirdly strong.

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I put a kids tag on a story about a cute dog.


Have you tried Morelles? They grow in North America, you might have an easier (and cheaper) time finding them. If you hate Morelles (like me), then you won’t need to continue on to truffles.

A friend’s terrier forcefully dragged me to the base of a tree with a patch of Morelles. She also ate her own poop.

I used to work someplace where I had access to Employee Discount gourmet food. I used to do blind taste tests of fancy products versus regular old grocery store stuff. The fancy truffle oil tasted exactly like it’s grapeseed oil base. Whatever ppm of truffle is in that oil, it’s below the threshold of my palate, and I’ve been told I’ve got a pretty good one.

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Dog owners will have caught that moment in this video.

“Can I eat it? Lemme eat it! Aw, I can’t eat it.”

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