Truffle hunters are getting record prices, thanks to drought


I’m betting Tim & Tickle will be on top o’ this in no time!

IT’S A FUNGUS!!! You’re eating a FUNGUS!!!

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So at the moment of Maximum Stress for this species, the market is creating massive incentives to damage the few hardy survivors.

Hopefully Darwin will work his magic and the next generation of fungus mutated hunter-resistant spores…

… with chainsaws.

I don’t think those are black truffles, and I don’t think they’re endangered in the least. Surely 100 escape for every one caught and eaten.

These people are using extremely destructive methods of harvesting, Raking the moss off the ground to find your mushrooms destroys years of growth and reduces future harvest by a massive amount.

I did some time with the USFS in the 90s, the Oregon mushroom and truffle seasons are insane, it is like a freaking yearly gold rush but without the ability to stake claims. It is a madhouse out there with many competing immigrants looking for a quick buck duking it out over overlapping but unenforceable claims with little common understandable language.

None of them use truffier pig or dog ?

Yes, I was wondering that too. This looks like hard work, but the films I’ve seen of European truffle hunters look like a pleasant day’s dog (or pig) walking.

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That’s quite an image. I can just picture the poor persecuted truffles shuddering in the cold rain, as the oinking of the truffle hogs gets closer and closer…

Say, do you think they have some kind of underground railroad?


Without a doubt. They do, after all, spawn underground.

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