Ominous music in shark videos makes people more negative about the fish


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Can someone remind me how to overlay Yakity-sax on those terrifying Attenborough videos of great whites launching out of the water underneath seals in South Africa?

Does this work? My Flash is off:


“Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel can be summarized thusly: “(scary and terrifying) sharks have a lot more to fear from us than we do from them (but seriously they’re really scary), and in real life sharks don’t act like the one in Jaws (here’s some scary footage from Jaws). So don’t be scared of sharks (fear the shark, apex predator for all time)!”


In related news, sky still blue, water continues to be wet.


I’ve found that the same is true for guys in hockey masks lurking in the woods around summer camps.


Not to mention filled with terrifying sharks!


Is this why people around me always hear Let’s Get It On?


Could be! That’s exactly what I hear from just looking at your icon.

(Maybe you could’ve gone with I’m Too Sexy?)


No. Since I’m so humbe, I try not to brag, and there’s no I’m Adequately Sexy*.

  • “I’m adequately sexy for my shirt,
    Sexy enough for my shirt,
    But not to the point that it hurts.”


“My milkshake brings many boys to the yard, excluding the boys who are watching their weight or are lactose intolerant.”


I guess for the boys who are watching their weight or are lactose intolerant that’s . . . ominous shake music.


LOL! Suddenly sharks are benign and adorable. ESPECIALLY when they’re chewing an adorable seal to death. My skewed perceptions have been set right by the power of musical curation!


I was looking for a minor-to major transform for the “Jaws” theme. Actually “daaaa-dah” isn’t really in a key, minor or major, bit I thought someone might have tried. The “dah” could have been a tone higher, which does much of the same job.

Apparently, its Friday night, and its you and me propping up the internets, bro’. An I have just sunk a bottle of wine (hooray!), so it’s just you now. Good luck.


Apparently when Spielberg first heard the main theme from Jaws he laughed-- John Williams played it for him on a piano, and it just sounded silly, he had to imagine it being played by a string section to get it.

And in the movie the theme always appears with the shark, so the one scene where the kids are swimming with a cardboard cutout fin, there is no music to signify no danger.


So what i’m hearing is we should set every single shark video to yakkety sax


I think the video itself is also a significant factor.

For example, the gif featured in this post of the lunging, gaping maw of a shark needed no music of any kind.

It is pretty scary in its silence.



I never miss an opportunity to share this amazing infographic that illustrates the ratio of people killed by sharks each year to the number of sharks killed per hour. (I think I probably saw it here on BB in the first place)

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And those 12 people shouldn’t have been just floating there in a line like that in the first place.


more negative about the fish

Surely you don’t mean sharks, which aren’t fish.