Watch massive sharks attack submarine


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Aren’t they cute.


Attack? Warning, more like.


Awesome video and what an adventure, but the sound seems just the slightest bit sweetened. I could be wrong but that’s my guess.


“Watch massive sharks warn submarine”


Is it me or they look “goofy”? Like they have googly rolling eyes when they open their mouth…

I don’t think Jaws would have been that scary with goofy sharks…


“You kids get off my lawn!”



Shark Rescues Human


I sympathize with the sharks.

The sharks probably feel the way I feel, when I’m in a crowded restaurant and the next table is six inches away and I’m trying to enjoy a meal with my wife and the too-close table guys strike up a conversation and ask if I’m enjoying the fish and I’m very hangry and I accidentally bite the guy and then we’re being escorted out of the restaurant and I’m like sorry about your hand but don’t bug me while I’m eating okay thank you very much.


You got it right, leave me alone at meal time.


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