Omni Reboot Boots Up




I was reminded of OMNI once again just last night. The local Sundance theater had a showing of Ghostbusters. And there, smack dab in the middle of the montage where we see how busy the 'Busters are getting, there’s a shot of the cover of an OMNI showing one of their “unlicensed nuclear reactor” packs. So much 80’s packed into that one shot.


I’m reminded of my favourite OMNI single-panel cartoon:
A sign on the fence around a nuclear power station that reads “Nobody who says ‘nucular’ permitted beyond this point.”

I always wondered if that one ended up on any breakroom corkboards at actual nuclear facilities.

Of course! That’s why he said it that way!

George Bush was afraid to be anywhere a nuclear reactor, because they’re made of science!

Awesome. I was around 13 when I had a subscription to Omni. Though I could barely wrap my brain around most of the content I always felt like I was reading something meant for adults. Some of those covers bring back floods of memories. Also, I was watching Childrens Hospital the other day and the first episode of the new season features a lab guy who reads Omni.

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The Omni cartoon I was unable to re-find — even when I looked through a bunch of those scanned-in ones online — was one where two soldiers in ancient times are watching a musclebound warrior hew his way through a whole gaggle of enemy troops with his mighty sword. The one says to the other, “What I really can’t stand about Conan is his more-barbaric-than-thou attitude!”

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Absolutely great news. But I notice that the subheadline for the “Mysteries of Space & Time” banner reads “Explore the deepest boundaries of OMNI’s artistic visions.” Can’t really have “deepest boundaries” of anything. I herewith offer my services as copy editor.

Oh, I don’t know.
The boundary between the Marianas trench and the adjacent seabed would be pretty deep.

Our language is lame, I give you and OMNI permission to fix it. If you’d start with the ‘ough’ bit and maybe get rid of the stupidness in the its/it’s/its’ rule (we have CONTEXT, we don’t need bonus stupid rules) it would be greatly appreciated.

Miss that magazine - OMNI and TheTransactor are THE two magazines I hoped for at the newstands. Admitting they won’t be able to fill OMNI’s boots is a humble admission, but hey, half a great beer is still a guzzle. And I still have my old still-glossy #1 and #2 to remind me of those halcyon dead tree times.

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OK so, lorq is what Ellison calls himself now.


I like how the OMNI font looks like 0321.

Just thought I’d throw that in.

I too so dug Omni as a kid and always got a good laff out of the UFO/Pyramid Power/etc.

Besides being edited by someone from a band that effectively bragged about using cracks of software effects made by a 2 man software shop and the presence of a bunch of old dude SF writers here, I look forward to good things!

Missed opportunity, should have been Bender B. Rodriguez on the cover, smoking a cigar under the title:

I’m back, baby!

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Eeeeeeeeeee! I’m gonna read the hell outta this…and when I find their submissions guidelines, oh baby!

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