Omnidirectonal conveyor belt is smarter than I am


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For when you absolutely, positively have to guarantee shipping damage before the product leaves the warehouse.


but when it goes wrong it does multiple errors usual score


Truly exceptional stop-motion animation.

(What? You say what? Naaaah - get out of here!)


I wonder if such belts could be hooked up a joystick, and a game created involving stacking a series of different-shaped boxes into solid rows, leaving no spaces? Of course, the participant would have no way of knowing which shape of box would appear next, but the belts would relentlessly pull the boxes straight down, the only directional intervention coming from the player.

Bah, probably a dumb idea anyway.


It would make a great movie, though.


I work in this industry and this video fills me full of gut wrenching anxiety.


what i’d like to know is if there’s feedback involved? is there a camera, or resistance detection involved; or, are the movements all preprogrammed​ relying on the boxes to be delivered to the belt on time?


The only things missing are Lucy and Ethel.


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