On Ann Coulter



They say sex sells, though the market seems to be approaching saturation. Even better than sex is an argumentative troll, trolling seems to pay her rent quite nicely.


As someone who has zero interest in ball sports of any type, her column on Soccer made me (mostly) smile.


I hope this gets re-posted all over the tubes. We can not be reminded often enough that Ann Coulter is a troll.


And a reminder that Rob Fournier is also a troll.

Unfortunately, whether or not we ignore them, they have a large enough dumbass readership to get noticed abroad, and then people assume we’re all simpletons.


Wow, pundits don’t make arguments in good faith? What a brave new world we’re living in!

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I’m surprised she gets away with using the word “column.” That was definitely just a listicle, and definitely one that should have been titled “10 insane things your drunk uncle will say about soccer at thanksgiving this fall!” One thing Ann Coulter is doing for women (though, holy shit, does she hate women…) is making sure they have equal access to being ignorant beet-faced ranting arses.


But its still a shame someone dropped that house on her sister.


Maybe this was already obvious to everybody else, but it was a light bulb to me!

Thanks for the laugh!

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Ann Coulter is a distraction machine. No wonder she gets such great book deals and the media gives her so much air time. She serves a purpose for those who need useful idiots to clog up American discourse away from matters of substance.

A public that discusses matters of substance is the enemy of the status quo. Because the next thing you know, the public might actually do something that works in their favor or something radical like that. Can’t have that.



Ah yes, less I forget Ann Coulter is a fucking sociopath in addition to being a troll.

Thank you for your public service, Cow. :wink:


Please…the thought of being on Anne Coulter is very disturbing.

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I think the key to Coulter is to see her as a 13 year-old child, acting out.

On the talk shows, where she has to interact with sensible humans, you’ll notice that immediately after she utters one of her outrageous statements, you’ll see there is a blank look of expectation on her face. “There! I just said that! What are you going to do about it, Mommy?”

What’s sad is not her per se, but the fact that in our society this person can make a career out of this, that people hire her to do this.


Really, she’s more of a media whore than a troll. Her whole shtick is to say the most outrageous thing possible on a regular basis so people don’t forget about her.

Sadly, people seemingly aren’t capable of dealing with her in the same way you deal with any other attention whore. Normally if you ignore them long enough they’ll get the hint, but our 24 hour news machine can’t afford to ignore stuff like this, it is their sustenance.

Ann: People are tired of your shit. Please just stop.


Coulter and her ilk are the chiggers of political life…her comments, like chigger bites are temporary intense irritants that go away after a few days. There really is little you can do about them except try to ignore the nuisance.

Then why are we feeding her?

I remember a Colbert interview where he was asked if there were any right-wing commenters he wouldn’t have on his show. He responded that he wouldn’t have Ann Coulter on because having two people who just say the stupidest right-wing stuff they can think of just to be provocative would be redundant.


Way to keep talking about her on the internet, Boing Boing.

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She can make a career out of this because there is a feedback loop between her and the 24 hour news channels. If there is nothing newsworthy or maybe something that they would rather not cover, then they can always turn to her and pretend to be outraged at whatever she has happened to say recently. Or maybe outraged at the people who are outraged at her. You can play this stuff up all day long if you have to.

50 years ago when it was just the nightly news, people like this were obscure and largely ignored outside of their close associates. Today they have a national platform that needs their outrageous statements to keep people tuned in.

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How about Being Ann Coulter?

Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich

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