Enjoy this sick burn on Ann Coulter


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It won’t matter. She’s a professional troll and her followers are the lowest in intelligence and character. She “owned” the liberals (i.e. doctors, I suppose) and to them this is all that’s important.


At least it made me chuckle…even if I could see it coming a mile away.

I hate that freaking woman.




Bravo, Dr., Bravo!


Then her mission is accomplished. It’s the core of her existence, her only reason for drawing breath, and the only legacy she will leave this earth: making people she hates mad for attention.

(please don’t think that this is me pretending that I’m above it all somehow; believe me, I’m not, and hate her with a white hot passion and want nothing but the worst for her)


She’s going to need some care for that 3rd degree burn. Too bad she pissed off all the nearby doctors.


Every time I see an old artillary piece in a park somewhere, I wish there was a corresponding crater placed in its field of fire, to memorialize the effects of that weapon.

As far as the NRA is concerned, their responsibility ends when the sale has rung up. They then need to justify selling that same customer another one.


A crater is just dirt, the proper representation of the effect would be a few people torn to pieces.


Right, when you’re a doctor, it’s really important that you consult random people with no medical experience (or relevant knowledge at all) on medical issues.
So does the reverse hold true, and now the NRA needs to consult doctors, criminologists, etc. when coming up with gun legislation? Or is one only forced to balance out knowledge with ignorance, not the other way around?

(As for Coulter’s point - well, yeah, when it comes to the impact of gummy bears and cue balls on human orifices, doctors would be the ones to ask. Gummy bear manufacturers probably can’t tell you much about what happens if you stick one up your butt. I’d be a bit worried if they could.)


Doctors are not claiming to be “experts on guns”, they’re offering sound advice on gun safety in the same way they might offer advice on cue ball safety (like “don’t try to put it in your mouth no matter how much your buddy dares you.”) Or does Coulter have a problem with that too?


Doctors won’t be able to help. She gets burnt so often on Twitter, she’s practically a living Guy Fawkes effigy.


Anyone ever been shot and not called for better gun control? No? Weird…


Good goddess that creature is ugly.

And no, I’m not talking about her physical appearance.


When I saw the headline, my first thought was “But that post-Midterm burn was ages ago in internet years!”


Lazy doctors try to work less while being paid more!


I’ve been wondering for awhile now why she hasn’t sued yet to legally change her species because she identifies as a pit viper.


What popped in my head when I read that:


I thought she was dead.

Hey - remember when GoProud brought her to their Republican Convention event along with a dancing Paul Ryan impersonator? All on Peter Theil’s dime.

Classic self own - phony politicians for a phony civil rights organization.


They are claiming to be experts on the effect guns have on public health, which is absolutely valid.

A doctor needn’t be an expert on how guns work to understand the damage they cause, just as an oncologist doesn’t need to have a lifetime of expertise in growing tobacco to weigh in on the dangers of smoking.