Enjoy this sick burn on Ann Coulter

Only on the inside.


She reminds me of my grandfather. He literally lived only for the purpose of making other people miserable. When he died, no one came to bury him. He was cremated without notice and his ashes are in my father’s closet somewhere unless he’s lost them. I hope the world gives her a similar send off some day.


I wouldn’t mess with a doctor that has waded through blood.


Except that her ashes should go to the ocean. Just flush them down the toilet - they’ll get there eventually.


Unlike candy or pool balls, bullets are designed to be “inserted” into people. That’s kind of the purview of doctors.

Doctors are sworn to save lives, while gun manufacturers are negligent if their products fail to take lives effectively. Their interests are in opposition by definition.



Why do you hate the ocean? :wink:


Sorry, but why would we consult reps for gun manufacturers for gun legislation?


Just sensible product scenario and quality testing precautions, surely. Don’t all food manufacturers test for this?
(Come to think of it, though, I’ve never seen any “do not stick this up your arse” warnings on packaging.)


Wait a second. As much as I dislike Coulter’s world view and toxic personality, her point about the limits of a doctor’s expertise is a legitimate argument while Dr. London’s comment is simply (clever) name-calling. And now everyone here is jumping on the bandwagon. For what it’s worth, this is how liberals bring themselves down to the level of their opponents. Cleverness and self-righteousness are not replacements for simply-stated, valid arguments. In my mind, this how Hilary Clinton lost the election and how the Democrats continue to struggle with their platform (to their own disbelief). Could I suggest some of Ben Franklin’s writings about the art of argument.


This is for US to enjoy. Well, me, anyway.


I do too. But I also love her, because All is One! I feel the same way about Donald Trump and everybody and everything else, to varying degrees.

So yes, hate hate hate on Ann Coulter! But I would encourage you to also simultaneously love her as The One. In my view, this is a much healthier approach, when it comes to taming karma.


Wait so doctors don’t have special insight into how many gunshot victims they see and what the wounds require to treat if the person lives. I knew these arguments were going to be spurious but that’s just kind of… pathetic.


Eh? She made no point, just a typical, trolling, inflammatory statement. Most people reading “Half of the articles in the Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control,” would logically conclude that gun violence is a serious problem in America (and it is!). Instead, Coulter twists it into an imagined bias rather than data.

While emergency doctors, psychiatrists, trauma surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, and rehabilitation specialists all have expertise to add to a data-driven discussion on gun control, the single most relevant field of expertise in the world is epidemiology. These are the doctors who are specifically trained to be able to tease out not just cause-and-effect of morbidity and mortality, but also to recommend steps to reduce or eliminate the causes of harm they identify. Since the last thing gun advocates want is a data-driven discussion about gun control (unless they get to fake the data), they had their pet congresscritters block the CDC from studying it.

Also, welcome to BoingBoing! I’d suggest you bring evidence to the next party.


We disagree. If a group of doctors discover that Asbestos causes cancer, that is a perfectly legitimate expertise to tap for crafting legislation limiting how asbestos is used.

The tautology is, guns cause gunshot wounds, guns are good, therefore gunshot wounds…that’s just the price you pay for all this gun goodness. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I don’t think there’s anyone to get stuck with her ashes.

As for sick burns on Ann Coulter, thanks, but I’ll wait until they’re coming from Satan.


Do you think “simply-stated, valid arguments” have any effect whatsoever on the kind of people who look to Ann Coulter for instructions on how to think?


I don’t agree. The doctor replied that Coulter was wrong; they deal with the effects of bullets every day. She used the same metaphor Coulter used.

Next Coulter equated removing bullets with removing cue sticks and gummy bears. But they are in no way related; bullets are designed to go through flesh; the other examples are not. This was such a farcical argument that answering it with sarcasm is justified, I think.


Sounds like Coulter isn’t the only one cruising for sick burns today.


Good God, this one is almost certainly afflicted with…with…Dr. Bronner’s Soap on the Brain!



My parents were on holiday when my paternal grandmother died.

They didn’t bother to come back early. The only reason I cried while signing the paperwork at the hospice was relief. Not that she was no longer suffering, but that we no longer were.

I have never been told what happened to her ashes. This is probably a good thing.