On House floor, Rep. Conyers praises burglars who broke into FBI office in 1971


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In 2013 he said of Snowden

“It is unfortunate that so much of Congress and the media’s focus is on the whereabouts of Edward Snowden. We should focus our time and attention on ensuring that law-abiding Americans are not unnecessarily subject to intrusive surveillance; making sure our media organizations are not targeted merely for informing the public; closing Guantanamo and releasing those individuals who pose us no harm; and demanding that legal safeguards are in place with respect to our government’s shortsighted use of drones. These are the overriding, critical issues facing the Congress, not the whereabouts or motives of Edward Snowden. Revelations over the last several weeks by Edward Snowden and others make clear that our nation is at a crossroads. The so-called ‘War on Terror’ exerts severe and undue pressure on our privacy, due process, and respect for a free press. Congress must choose how to respond, not to Edward Snowden, but to the strain that this never-ending war has placed on our principles and our laws.”


Wait, I thought the Watergate burglars were the real heroes, right?

Ok, can this guy be Preznit? That seems like the best plan.


Yeah well the FBI Headquarters still bears the name its criminal founder. When they strip the HQ of his name, it will be a reliable indicator that there has been mainstream recognition of his malfeasance. A career that should’ve been cut short by being summarily fired was instead ended, at his choice, over his dead body. It’s inexplicable that his despotic and criminal activity continues to be overlooked or regarded with an indifferent shrug.


Clone until a majority in both senate / house, then we can talk prez…

Sadly, it’s Clinton’s turn, then another generation before we vote for an old Jewish lady.

Kidding. Old Jon Stewart joke. It’s happy hour (all my hours are happy).

You have to feel something for these political activists who find themselves spending decades hiding away as pol drones before coming to life again at the end of their lives to stick it in the eye of the establishment they worked against all their lives. Maybe a comparison of Conyers’ pro-American work would do better against its mirror, the movement of ageing crypto-fascists like Jesse Helms during the 90s.

Before you elect Conyers president, keep in mind that this is the same John Conyers who doesn’t think publicly funded research should be freely available to the public, who once forced his staff to babysit and chauffeur, and whose wife has been convicted of accepting bribes. I applaud his recognition of whistleblowers, but that doesn’t make him an honest politician.


I must be misreading this, because he sounds dangerously close to rational. Isn’t this guy the same white cloud that hovers behind every Republican giving a press conference?

Admittedly, most of my FBI creation-mythos is via Jimmy Stewart, but wouldn’t they have to get rid of rather more than just the name of a building?

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EDIT: It wasn’t until today that I actually noticed it said “John Conyers” (and “of Michigan” at that), not John Cornyn.

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It seems that a lot of folks in Michigan don’t like Mr. Conyers…especially in Detroit, the western half of which contains his constituency…you been to Detroit, lately?

But have any of you been to the west side of Detroit and/or Wyandotte, and/or Romulus lately? His constituents live there, and it’s not pretty.

No, never. I do know it has many problems. Whether this fellow, of whom I have only learned from via this thread, is directly the reason Detroit is fucked into a cocked hat or not, I cannot say, though it seems unlikely.

Put it this way: He hasn’t helped much. But no one’s been strong enough to oppose him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Conyers

Ehhh, I dunno, I read his Wiki, and he makes some decent-sounding noises, and there’s his repeated single-payer bill.The corruption, depressing as it is, surprises me not one iota, as I know what a politician looks like. Where does it say he broke Detroit?


Where did I say he broke Detroit? He hasn’t helped much, as it appears to me. I’m sure I could gather opinions from my friends who live in his district.

Aye, why, I’m not overly fond of our MP, either. Nasty little Blairite toad. They’re all pretty much wildly objectionable, really.

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Yes, unfortunately that is true the world over, it would seem. And the few that do seem to actually care…well, they’re FEW, is the problem.

I don’t think that this is the intention; but I like to imagine that it’s a matter of penance, a sort of “Until such time as you have banished his unclean spirit from yourselves, your house and all who dwell within shall bear his taint; that your shame might never escape the sight of men.” thing.