Apple-FBI crypto hearing was surprisingly hostile to FBI Director James Comey


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I like Conyers, but the poor guy must be disappointed all the time!


Times are tough, there’s a War on…


Yes, but would he say he’s disappointed in Boing Boing?


It would have been much friendlier, but somebody told them Comey works for Obama.


So I watched it all live while working today. Fascinating, not only the fairly hostile questioning of the FBI, but Apple’s counsel was eloquent and calm.

However! The congressman from SC? Trey Gowdy? Christ what an asshole!


I’m sure it was more about Congress having their authority usurped than any concern for individual liberty, but still, this looks almost like democratic accountability in action. Could it actually, finally be the start of a rebound against post-9/11 authoritarianism? Praise be to Satan!


That was my first thought too!

These guys must be so torn between their ass-kissing reflexes toward security-state authority, and their neverending childish Obama tantrum.



Although… I realize most politicians are not brilliant speakers, but they are weaselly. So it does gives me pause that he is concerned about what the government is found to be doing, rather than about what it is doing.

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